Calling All Art Enthusiasts! You Have To Check Out This Art Gallery In Salt Lake

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What Makes It Awesome

If art is what makes you happy, then check out this art gallery called Ivana that opened doors in Salt Lake with works by artists from across the country on display.

The space aims to curate an artist-friendly platform to not only exhibit and sell paintings but also to provide a niche for better interaction between artists and art lovers. It wants to revive the dwindling interest of people in art and change the common perception that owning a beautiful work is a privilege that few enjoy.

The gallery has a diverse and interesting selection of paintings created by some of the most sought after names in the art fraternity as well a wide variety of upcoming talent and regional artists. They also have an online gallery making art accessible to everyone and also providing a platform to artists to share opinions, market their work better and connect with buyers from across the country and world.

So head to Ivana Art Gallery guys, if not to buy, then just to appreciate and admire the work of these geniuses. Like Aashi Agarwal, who worked on this gallery with Payal Agarwal, says, "Art belongs in our homes. We need to live with it. We need to love it... It's something that should be a part of your daily life."


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