Buy And Sell Everything Antique At This Iconic Collectibles Store In Park Street

    What Makes It Awesome

    This city has seen times when  men and women graced ballrooms with minuets and waltzes. While it's impossible to go back in time, you can secure a masterpiece from the past at Konark Collectables. Our search for everything antique ends here.

    From period furniture to exquisite handcrafted chairs, Konark Collectables is about everything vintage. And vintage is an in-thing now, be it for home or fashion. This store is among the few in the city that actually stocks pieces from different eras. Located on Park Street, it's among the oldest shops in the area. One can come and browse through the limited collections or pick up a painting or a vase. Their collection of curio cabinets and console tables, made of solid and sturdy mahogany is worth a dekko. Writing desks available here can add charm to any living room or bedroom. Or how about an antique wall clock for your hallway? What surprised us most is their arrangement of items period wise which looks nothing less than a fun history class that no book will offer!

    If you have something antique that you want to sell , head here. This store offers quality price. You can exchange your valued item or get cash.

    Every ancient item has a story behind it and the staff is adequately knowledgeable about the details. Feel free to drop in and get lost in time or pick up something to do up your casa.


    Their range of vintage perfume bottles not only looks gorgeous, but some are actually very rare. If you're someone who likes collecting rare objects, these should be on your list.