Turn Your Old Sarees Into Gorgeous Dresses With LataSita

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What Makes It Awesome

LataSita is all about upcycled fashion – recycling and reusing sarees into incredibly stylish, trendy and custom-made designs. Meghna Nayak, founder-owner of this brand of organic, sustainable fashion, will take your heirloom saree (and all the memories attached to it) and create something magical.

For Meghna, it all started with an epiphany that mindless consumerism is not just harming the environment, but also the lives of people in the textile and fashion industries. Her love for fashion and design, and her passion for incorporating sustainability in our lives went into creating LataSita.

You will not only get a customised, gorgeous re-imagining of a beloved saree, you will have also not added something to the vast landfill our planet is becoming. She gives personal attention to repairing the saree, cutting the pattern and making it into something new – hence each piece she creates is exclusive and very personalised.

She will ship the finished product anywhere you want – even abroad! The custom-made pieces cost an average of INR 2,500 and upwards, depending on how elaborate the design is. You have the option to pay by cash and card. They also have a gorgeous collection of ready made clothes, bags and bow ties with prices ranging from INR 1,500 to INR 5,000.


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