Ladies, This Kolkata Brand Sells Made-To-Fit Bras And Will Not Leave You Hanging

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What Makes It Awesome

Ladies, let’s be honest, we are all guilty of hoarding bras at some point. Hoping that maybe one day it will fit. Well, it’s time we let go of those unrealistic hopes and buy bras that are actually the right size. Kolkata brand Necessity will give you custom-made bras that will fit you like a glove. And they have a range of styles – lacy, sporty, sexy and more. Founder Swati Gautam got tired of not finding the right size in stores and started the brand when she was 21.

We have all gone through the phase where we rely on our mothers to buy for us those bras which make our bodies look utterly unflattering. It’s time we get a little conscious and realise that bras are truly necessities in our lives. Starting from INR 349, there is no size that Necessity will not cater to.

They will take your measurements, and customise it, thee bras will not keep you hanging! From sporty to lacy cotton ones (which are oh so comfortable!), these bras cater to comfort and style! And she uses the right kind of fabrics for our kind of weather. Swati has some tips on how to choose the perfect bra – cups should not spill; the back should not ride up and it should not be so ill fitting that it gives you multi breasts.


They have tummy tuckers as well for INR 1,299. And they are soon coming up with a magical strapless bra, so time to bring out all the fancy dresses!

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