Camel Milk, Anyone? Get The Healthier Alternative To Dairy From This Brand

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Aadvik Foods

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking to try out another alternative to cow’s milk that is just as nutritious (or maybe more)? How about camel’s milk? Before you give me the wave off, know that camel’s milk has a similar nutritional composition to whole cow’s milk but provides less saturated fat, more unsaturated fat, and higher amounts of several vitamins and minerals. Aadvik Foods is India’s first camel milk brand that brings health to your doorsteps. From camel milk products (raw, powdered, frozen & flavoured) to goat milk products, they have it all. 

For centuries, camel milk has been an important source of nutrition for nomadic cultures in harsh environments like deserts. Like yak milk in Tibet, camel milk is saltier in taste too, very unike the bland sweetness of cow’s milk. if you are lactose intolerant or are living with diabetes, check with your doc if you can try camel’s milk. Aadvik offers a camel milk powder trial pack in three flavours (plain, chocolate and banana). However, if you want to make a gradual transition into consuming camel milk, I suggest you try Aadvik’s camel milk chocolates. These are lusciously smooth as the long chain of fatty acids just enhances the texture and taste. Total melt-in-mouth goodness. The brand also offers camel milk bathing bars (psst: this milk can work wonders on your skin!), body butter and day cream as well.


Aadvik has specially curated gift packs that include each of their popular camel milk products. So, if you’ve tried and felt the goodness, give the gift of health to your loved ones too.