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All You Need To Know About Charcoal Peel Off Masks By Mondsub


    What Makes It Awesome?

    So black charcoal peel-off mask is all over the internet and they have been showing how easily it removes all of the blackheads and whiteheads. So a few weeks ago I got my hands on the Peeling off Black Mask from @mondsubindia.

    And here is my honest review after using it for like a week! Well, Black charcoal peel-off mask is well known for drawing out all of the dirt from the face. when trying this out for the first time I just applied it on my nose because I thought it would remove all of the whiteheads. Later tried on my entire face and waited for like 20 mins for it to completely dry out. After that, I could feel that the mask is completely dry and ready to peel it off. After I peeled it off, I could literally see some whiteheads I had on the peel and my skin got super soft.

    In terms of cleansing, it did suck out all of the dirt and oil from my face. And the best part was that after removing this black charcoal peel-off mask the pores on my cheeks were shrunken. So this really cleaned and tightened my pores. I could see the result instantly. And it made my skin firmer and softer than before. I didn’t feel any stretchy or dry feeling on my skin. And like using it twice in a week I could literally feel my skin soft, clean and fresh and smooth.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Under ₹500