If You Haven't Visited This Iconic Restaurant For South Indian Food Yet, Drop Everything & Go Now!

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What Makes It Awesome

For most of us, the first name that comes to mind when we crave for South Indian or fast food is Anand. And rightly so! The food is so good that it's hard to resist, which is why we dropped in at this iconic restaurant and left with a big smile on our faces.

For those who are new to the city and are looking for eateries and restaurants to explore, please add Anand to your bucket list. And those who haven't visited yet, drop everything and head here now! It's a very simple and comfortable setting and ambience at the restaurant. It's the food that'll take you on a ride to heaven. Anand is known for it's South Indian but don't let that deter you from trying their fast food options. 

We started with a plate of idli-vada served with nariyal chutney and a hot katori of sambar. They also have the gunpowder masala, so make sure you say yes when the waiter asks you whether you need ghee (you gotta mix the gunpowder masala with the ghee and then eat). Our next target were the dosas. We ordered the Rava Masala Dosa and a Butter Paper Masala Dosa. Ask them to give the masala separately if that's how you like it. The rava dosa was soft and the paper dosa crisp and buttery. 

Don't, we repeat. Don't miss out on the chola bhatura here. It's heavenly. You might just end up ordering another plate. The bhaturas are crisp and served hot while the chola is a mix of spices and is the right kind of tangy. It's definitely going to make you come back for more. And did we tell you how pocket-friendly it all is? Yep. It's super affordable so don't worry about where to eat when you're broke because Anand will have you sorted. 


The restaurant is jampacked during peak lunch and dinner hours, especially on weekends. So, make sure you're there early. 


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