Volunteer With Apni Roti To Provide Meals To The Needy!

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This Non-profit organization has a mobile van with a pre-installed Roti vending machine, which is capable of cooking about 1000 fresh rotis in one hour. The rotis then clubbed with organic pickles and sweets are served in rural and urban parts of the country. Led by Mr Vikash Agarwal, Apni Roti formed in January 2019 with the sole purpose of providing free food to the needy and people who fall below the poverty line.

Earlier this year, when our lives were badly disrupted by this Pandemic and we were forced to stay inside, there was a part of our society that suffered a lot, the most important section of our economy, the people who are the backbone of our country: Labours.

Yes, they were the most affected people of the society and sadly the most neglected ones. While we were inside handling our zoom meetings, they were struggling for food. Thankfully, few of us stepped up to this cause, tried to bring about a breeze of fresh air for these daily wage owners. One of such names that were trending in Kolkata, is APNI ROTI.

The organization is active in East India, parts of Siliguri, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar. They have been feeding around 1500 people per day since the day of its launch in January 2019. With the onset of Pandemic, they had to step up their game and so beautifully they did.

Along with the regular distribution of meal, the team distributed around 2000 food packets every day through its volunteers and well people who just wanted to help others and keep the spirit alive.

Thanks to organizations such as Apni Roti, there is still hope for a better tomorrow and more kind world.


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