Are You A Satyajit Ray Fan? Then You Are Bound To Love This Hidden Gem In The City Of Joy

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What Makes It Awesome

Abar Baithak - The Coffee Shop is a cafe in Jodhpur Park which sprints on Feluda emotions. With a magnetism of Jamidari house, it doesn't fail to resuscitate the beauty of old Bengal.

The finest part of this cafe is the pinnacle of the age-old concept of adda and the modern concept of hanging out. The interior is antiquely decorated with scenes and excerpts from the very nostalgic stories of the iconic Bengali detective Feluda by Satyajit Ray. From the very villainous Maganlal Meghraj to the Nepal Curio shop in Joto Kando Kathmandute, get transported yet again to the world of the detective by just walking into this cafe. The seating includes an outside area separated for smoking and a two-floored air conditioned space with a magnificent chandelier from the ceiling. With little accessories and decor adding up to the charm of this cafe.

A quaint little place with a twist of Bengali adda feel. The place is filled with Satyajit Ray's books and other famous Bengali books. The cushions are named with each of Feluda's adventures. The menu card is like a Feluda book with actual tidbit facts. The walls are adorned with the Feluda characters. The upper floor has a secluded portion which is like the room of infamous Maganlal Meghraj.

On a lazy Sunday morning, if you wanna catch up with friends for a good conversation over coffee and some delicious breakfast, Abar Baithak is the place to be.

What Could Be Better?

The food quantity and the service speed should improve if they want the place to remain crowded.

What's My Pro Tip?

Recommended items on their menu: All meat platter {Sausages, bacon, ham, salami, poached egg, cheese toast}, bruschetta gambrietta, grilled chicken with mashed potato, chicken salami sandwich. gussi di ajilo {Prawn covered in garlic}, Philadelphia cheesecake, The green apple mojito, chocolate meghraj {Glass of pure sin}, watermelon iced tea, red velvet cake, crunchy tiramisu.

Make sure you have ample time before deciding to go there and before leaving be sure to grab a couple of tequila chocolates.

Anything Else?

This cafe offers you a variety of entertainment activities ranging from different board games, books and handicrafts.
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