Enjoy The Best Of Mughlai Cuisine At This Outlet!

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A Few days back I covered this placed called Behnam, which serves some of the authentic Mughlai cuisine dishes. They have a cloud kitchen located at Kalighat and a dine-in restaurant, in Lake View road, from where you can order online also. The place is not huge, but they can accommodate around twenty people in there.

Jumping into the food, we tried:

Behnam Special Chicken Kebab- The Behnam special chicken kebab was basically soft cubes of chicken, marinated with in-house masalas and then grilled. The kebabs were tender and juicy, there was cheese all over the kebab. The chunks of chicken were stuffed with cheese in the mid area, and the kebabs were cut into two pieces so that the cheese could come out of it. The kebabs are a must-try, this is one of their speciality.

Chicken Biryani- The biryani was normal, Kolkata style biryani with a huge piece of chicken, aloo and boiled egg in it. They used long grain rice and it was boiled correctly. The aroma of the biryani was exactly like the way it should be.

Borhani Ghol- Borhani is basically originated from Bangladesh, it is a Bangladeshi yoghurt-like drink which is served with Biryani most of the time. Borhani is made from sour yoghurt (doi), coriander, cilantro and mint. I am not a big fan of yoghurt, so didn't prefer any yogurt made products. So I didn't try the Borhani, but if you guys are a yoghurt lover, you can try it.

Zarda- Zarda is a traditional sweet dish, originated from Mughals. It is a sweet rice dessert dish. Whenever we talk about Mughali desserts, the first names that pop in our head are Sahi tukda and Firni, but Zarda is another great dessert of the Mughali cuisine, which is quite underrated. It is prepared by basmati rice, which is boiled with milk and sugar. Then flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, saffron and shredded almonds. The zarda they served was good, but too sweet.


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