This National Park In Meghalaya Is Believed To Be The Abode Of Dead Spirits!

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What Makes It Awesome

Got a leave scheduled? Take a trip to Balpakram National Park in Meghalaya for its pristine beauty and rich bio-diversity. Balpakram National Park in Meghalaya’s Garo Hills is known for its wildlife, birds and rich flora and fauna. If you are one of those courageous travellers, then this place is a must-visit with many mysterious stories hidden within its jungles that defy science or logic. Legend says that it’s a temporary abode of the dead due to the presence of a deep gorge (popularly compared to USA’s Grand Canyon) where, apparently, the departed souls live temporarily before making their final journey!

Stories and events such as these combined with scenic views, rich bio-diversity and beautiful jungles make Balpakram a must-visit. If you are brave enough, then visit some of these mysterious sites like Boldak, Matchru, Chidimak and Goncho Dare among others. If not, then make the most of this natural wonder that is home to several birds and endangered animals. Spot red pandas, wild water buffaloes, Indian bison, the rare Hullock Gibbons, leopards, wild cows, golden cats, barking deer, Great Indian Hornbill and various species of elephants, monkeys, baboons and tigers, including marbled cats. The park is every birdwatcher’s and photographer’s paradise and is also home to reptiles like vipers, kraits, monitor lizards, gecko to name a few. 

Plant species including the rare Drosera, pitcher plants and orchids can also be found. The park is home to the rare citrus plant called Memang Narang besides medicinal herbs and shrubs. Satisfy the adventurer in you with trekking and climbing activities. Visit beautiful caves with stunning limestone formations and river passages. October to June is the best time to visit. Book a stay at any of the tourist lodges, hotels or resorts run by the state government.


You can reach Balpakram via Tura. Hire a bus or a car or a chopper to Tura from Shillong and Guwahati. Take prior permits from the forest department before you visit. Don’t forget to carry your woollens. Avoid visiting during monsoons.  


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