This Iconic Restaurant On Park Street Serves Up Indian-Chinese Food And Just Indian As Well

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What Makes It Awesome

This iconic restaurant on Park Street ticks all the boxes when it comes to old-school, Indian-Chinese food. Divided into two distinct sections based on decor (one is minimal and red, the other sports Chinese writings and art to signify the Chinese side of the restaurant), there are two entrances as well -- one to Flavours of China and the other to Bar-B-Q. While the Indian food is brilliant here too (try the Sheekh Kebab, biryani and buttery rotis), Flavours Of China has my heart.

For old-school, Chindian (that is Indian Chinese food, for the uninitiated!), this place is outstanding. The portions are massive, and you can easily share one portion of rice or noodles and a side dish, by three. The fried rice is flavourful enough to eat on it's own, but when there is a piquant Kung Pao Chicken to go with it, why have it by itself! Drums Of Heaven, Springs Rolls (vegetarian, especially), and Double Fried Pork is my go to when here.

If you like prawns, don't forget to order the Golden Fried Prawns. Tiger prawns wrapped in batter and fried, it's best to count calories, and just enjoy the food!

What Could Be Better

There is almost always a rush and a long wait to get a table here, from Friday to Sunday. So go on weekdays for a quieter experience.

How Much Did It Cost

For two, your bill will be approximately INR 1,000. For drinks, add about INR 500 more.

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group

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