#CreateDon’tHate This Store Has All You Need To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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What Makes It Awesome

Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood of Hindustan Park is Beetle Krafts, a store that houses art supplies, handmade ceramics, pottery tools and stationery - all under one roof. Wait, before you stop reading (because, hey I don’t know where Hindustan Park is!), they sell online too.

What began as an experiment with clay in 2019, gradually turned into a business that helps artists and creators get their paws on art supplies and stationery, that is otherwise hard to come by. They stock art material from brands like Brusto, Escoda, Sakura, Artline, Fabriano, Winsor & Newton, and many more. While it is not an insurmountable challenge to find the right kind of material if you are an artist (Instagram to the rescue), it does take time and a few extra bucks to have it at your doortsep. Beetle Krafts makes it super easy for people staying in Kolkata, while also ensuring their online service is prompt and fuss-free. The goal is quite simply to egg on the artist in you to never stop creating.

Beetle Kraft’s ceramics are an absolute delight. The handi cup and saucer in stunning galaxy blue and chocolate brown hues, is a total conversation starter. Their bestseller night owl vase and planter will make for a great addition to your balcony garden. I am eyeing a black ceramic dinner plate with spotted twigs handpainted on it in white. Just the kind of understated elegance I was looking to add to my dining area.


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