Swear By Continental Food? Then This Restaurant In Jadavpur Can Definitely Satisfy Your Taste Buds

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What Makes It Awesome

People often wonder where to get Continental food on a budget. Yes, the entire idea is antithetical. But Bellagio in Jadavpur is the place you would be looking for if spending big is an issue. You'll find the place while going toward Sulekha More from Jadavpur 8B, just a few blocks away from Wow Momo.

Step inside for a special culinary experience because Bellagio means business when it comes to serving quality food. It is one of the most underrated restaurants in south Kolkata mainly due to its continental kitchen. Think grilled chicken and baked fish, steaks, sizzlers and risottos.

If you are a huge fan of sizzlers like us, try their mixed seafood sizzler priced at just INR 290! Can it get any cheaper than this? We would also recommend their mixed grilled sizzler, pork sizzler or Italian sizzler, if meat is the word that appears in your thought bubble! Worshippers of meat are going to dig their chicken steaks, ham steaks and pork chops. The chicken steak is glazed with your favourite pepper sauce (that's the best sauce to have a steak with!).

Bellagio has a varied range of Italian delicacies to offer and you can opt for their chicken stroganoff or chicken a la kiev, in case you want to go for a full meal. But not ordering the spaghetti with meatballs and the chicken tetrazzini (the mushroom and the cheese make it all the more gooey) will be a real sin. So, why not take them home?


Bellagio also offers Chinese and Mughlai cuisines. The service is quick and efficient.