Biryanis & Burgers, Momos & Ice Cream: Is This The Best Food Hood In The City?

Ten-Second Takeaway

Looking for cheap eats? Head to here to pig out on a budget.

Sunshine & Open Air

We are talking about the area around Priya Cinema. Is it the best or what? This single screen hall not only screens some great regional {and English} films, but it also has this amazing array of food stalls and kiosks out in the open. Arranged on a wide pavement with Deshapriyo Park next to it, the kiosks and street food stalls sell every kind of food.

Movie Theatres

Priya Cinema

95, Rashbehari Avenue, Beside Deshpriya Park, Kalighat, Kolkata


Biryani Is Bae

There’s this biryani guy who sits a little ahead of the Priya cinema building, opposite the music school, Bani Chakra. It’s one of the most popular street biryani stalls around. For INR 50 a plate, you get a heap of fragrant rice, half a chunky potato and a piece of chicken. And he serves it up in proper ceramic plates, and not styrofoam ones.

Music & Dance Academies

Bani Chakra

95/1-A, Near Priya Cinema, Rash Behari Avenue, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata


Fish & Chips, Burgers, Pastas & More

You can have Bengali-style fried fish and fries or chicken cutlets with a dollop of kasundi {Bengal’s distinctive mustard sauce} at the Roasted Grill kiosk {INR 40 – 60}. They also do sandwiches, moghlai parathas, chow, and rolls, and also a variety of pasta {chicken/veg} for INR 110.

Fast Food Restaurants

Roasted Grill

104, Rashbehari Avenue, Lake Market Area, Kolkata


Every Kind Of Momo

The most prolific {but not the best} mono joint has a kiosk here churning out steamed and fried versions of chicken, prawn, veg and chocolate memos.

Sandwiches & Coffee

If you are not in the mood for anything heavy, have a slice of cake or cinnamon {or “cinemon” as they prefer to call them!} rolls {INR 30} and coffee at Tea Junction. The cakes here are absolutely delish, especially the spiced walnut one {INR 80}.

Fast Food Restaurants

Tea Junction

Ground Floor, Priya Cinema, 95, Deshapriya Park, Kolkata


Phuchkas, Bhelpuri & Ice Cream

Craving real street-style food? A row of stalls in front of Deshapriyo Park sell phuchkas, chaat and bhelpuri, momos and chowmein, jhaal muri, ice cream and even ghugni {in the winter}.


Deshapriya Park

Rash Behari Avenue, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata


    Bharer Cha With Bishkoot

    Top up your snacking with some steaming hot cha in a clay bhaar. Choose from a range of biscuits {and fruit cake} — all for INR 20-25.