Want To Learn How To Play The Piano? Here’s Our List Of The Best Classes In Town

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If you were to do a quick survey on which is the most popular musical instrument that one can learn and greatly benefit from, piano would top the list. The cognitive demands of learning piano gives a monster workout to the brain, helping with everything from planning skills and language development to reducing anxiety and even boosting memory. Here’s our list of the best piano classes in the city to help you get started.


The Institute of Instrumental Music, Kolkata is a one of-its-kind musical academy that specialises in imparting contemporary western music lessons with a holistic approach. There’s growing scientific evidence that shows how learning to play a musical instrument, particularly piano can actually make you smarter, happier, and healthier. TIIM, in association with the International music exam boards, has a set curriculum that will help you develop a sense of curiosity and attentiveness towards learning piano in the most effective manner.

AMEC Music School

Academy for Musical Excellence, a leading music school in kolkata, provides music classes in piano, guitar, keyboard, violin, drums, western singing, bollywood singing and Indian classical singing. It’s a great place for aspiring musicians as they teach piano through structured courses that focus on sight reading, aural tests, scales, technical study, improvisation, composition and music arranging. Examination is not compulsory at AMEC, playing good music is the primary focus. The graded examination system is an international evaluation process, which opens the door to many opportunities.

The Calcutta School of Music

The Calcutta School of Music is one of the premier music institutions in India. It is probably the only school in the country which has such a wide ranging canvas of musical disciplines covering both Indian and Western, classical and contemporary music, dance, drama and speech. If you seek enrolment here, you need to have a piano at home to meet the demands of practice after school. They follow a graded course and offer diplomas under the three UK Boards. As a student, you will be encouraged to perform in concerts held by the school regularly. 

Northern School of Music

NSM is a popular choice for learning piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, flute, tabla, singing (Indian singing, Western singing, Bollywood singing), dance (Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Rabindra Nritya). They offer international certifications from Trinity College London and Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. NSM hosts regular music concerts and competitions, which provides a unique platform to their students. If you want to learn piano as a hobby and do not wish to sit for the examination, then let the school know and they will skip the technical aspects required for international certification. 

Kodaly Society of India

Kodaly India is an organisation of music pedagogues committed to the philosophy that ‘music is for everyone’. Believing that music education is the right of every child, they established a sequential, cumulative and developmental program based on an aural-vocal approach and fun filled learning, which is the most inclusive and effective way to develop musical literacy for people of all age groups. No matter which age group you belong to, if you have the zeal to learn playing the piano, they have something for everyone, from toddlers to the aged. 

Violin Brothers School of Music

The Violin Brothers set up their music school in Salt Lake, with the primary aim of imparting proper training to budding musicians in Western Classical Music. They believe music is excellent as both a hobby and a career. Studying music encourages self-discipline and diligence, both traits that will hold you in good stead wherever life takes you. Doesn’t matter whether you are aged 7 or 70, enroll with the Violin Brothers for lessons in learning how to play the piano, it will work as an excellent leisure-time activity and help in erasing the cares and tribulations of life.