These Tiffin Services Deliver Yummy Home-Cooked Food At Your Doorstep

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Tiffinwala or dabbawalla….It doesn’t matter as long as they cater to your hunger pangs, be it in your office, a hostel or paying guest accommodation. Bunk those junk foods and get home-cooked meals delivered at your doorstep, which ain’t just healthy but easy on pockets too.

F4U - Food For U

Food for U has meal options that suit every pocket. Whether you want it to be delivered at your workplace or PG accommodation, they will cater to your needs. They have both veg and non-veg options. Meals are neatly packed and covered with foil to ensure there’s no spillover. While a standard meal includes rice, dal, and salad, and either two vegetarian dishes or chicken curry, you can also try their soulful delights like Coriander Chicken, Chicken Butter Masala and Aloo Jeera. You can also order their Bengali and Continental breakfast platters.

Gourmet Rasoi

Runu Dugar, a homemaker-turned-entrepreneur, started her own vegetarian meal service, Gourmet Rasoi, in 2012. Freshly prepared, the basic package includes rice, dal, a vegetable curry/sabzi, and two chapatis, while the premium package offers more options. From Aloo Masala to Paneer Masala, Rajma and Chole as well as Bhindi Ki Sabji and Parwal Ki Sabji, there's options aplenty.

Hari Om Dabbawala

If you wanna keep things light for both your tummy and wallet then Hari Om’s two varieties of no-frills thali are here at your rescue. Offering home-cooked vegetarian food, the standard thali offers rice, dal, salad, two vegetable dishes, and chutney. You can also opt for their special thali, which offers an additional sweet treat and papad.

Lopa’s Kitchen

Are you craving for an authentic Bengali meal? Home chef Lopa Chatterjee is here to your rescue! As traditional and authentic as possible, she whips up magic with Mutton Dakbunglow, Egg Devil, Jhiri Jhiri Aloo Bhaja, Chana Dalna, fish curry, and the list goes on…! Her à la carte menu includes whiz-bang specialties like Gondhoraj Chicken, Bekti Paturi, Bagda Chingrir Malaikari, Chhanar Dalna, Doi Potol, and Ilish Bhapa.

HotPot Tiffin Service

Seema Gupta has taken her love for healthy and tasty food to a whole new level with her own tiffin service. She offers various thali options like Jain thali, mini thali, khichdi thali, along with North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Some of her signature dishes are poha, litti choka, Paneer Methi Malai, Pyaaz Paratha, Vegetable Biryani, and Chilli Baby Corn.


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