Craving Bengali Food? This Grill House in Southern Avenue Serves An Iconic Fare

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What Makes It Awesome

If you love Bengali food as much as we do, then you must visit Bijoli Grill for one of the best gastronomic experiences. Join the ranks of Aparna Sen, Zakir Hussain, Mithun Chakraborty and the like, who have apparently dined here too. 

This iconic restaurant has been in our lives for over 70 years. It opened doors just a couple of years after Partition and has since then been a part of customers' happy and sad moments. At the time, it was a small eatery behind Bijoli Cinema in Bhowanipore, mostly frequented by college-goers for chai and adda sessions on everything under the sun. 

Most of us who have been to Bijoli Grill swear by their Fish Fry - bhetki fish marinated with spices, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. You cannot miss this, it's so good you might just end up ordering a second plate! Make sure you order their Chicken Kabiraji  too, which is basically chicken mixed with onions and spices, coated in egg and deep-fried. Another popular and specialty dish is the good ol' Mixed Fried Rice with smoky pieces of Chilli Chicken. Love fish served in traditional banana leaf? Then, try their Bhetki Paturi that has tender, grilled piece of bhetki marinated in mustard sauce and steamed in a banana leaf. And, finally, end your scrumptious meal with their Rosogolla Payesh (small rosogolla cooked with milk and flavoured with saffron) or the Patisapta (coconut, khowa and dry fruits rolled together with rice flour and pan-fried) or the classic Malpoa

Bijoli Grill has become a household name not just among Bengalis but also the non-Bengali folk. If you haven't been here yet, make sure you do. You won't return disappointed. Thank us later!


They also take catering orders for weddings as well as parties, events and other functions.


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