Bira, Small Plates & Rooftop Seating: The Camac Street Bar All The College Kids Are Hitting

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What’s In D Name is where all the cool kids are going for stock market style booze, Bollywood tracks and unlimited fun.

Everything You Need To Go Before Going

You’ll find What’s In D Name conveniently located at the crossing of Camac Street and Park Street. They have valet parking so you don’t have to stress about parallel parking in the most crowded part of the city. The two-storeyed bar has a narrow staircase entry {which is pretty easy to miss if it weren’t for the perpetual crowd at the entrance}.

The first floor is an air-conditioned area with the DJ and the dance floor as soon as you enter on the right and seating place, the bar and smoking room as you move along on the right. The club is long and narrow so if you want to dance, get a table close to the floor, and if you’re out for a night of binge-drinking, head further in to the club closer to the bar. With winter around the corner, for a calmer and more relaxed vibe, head to the rooftop area.

They’re always full on weekends with a steep cover charge which starts as early as 5 PM! The cover charge for couples hovers around INR 1,500 but if you go on weekdays or in early in the day, there’s no cover charge at all. Sorry, stags, you may not be allowed entry if the bar is full. Looking to celebrate with the squad? What’s in D Name is perfect for partying in big groups. They’re only open till 11:45 PM so you may want to skip celebrating your birthday here.

Chow Down and Sip On

The drinks are sold like a stock exchange – depending on demand the prices go up and down. So if you want cheap booze, you’re best bet is to go on a weekday afternoon! They also serve Bira {yay!}, mean cocktails {their bartenders really know what they’re doing}.

Foodies, we have good news for you. The food is as good as the drinks! The small plates can be shared, are easy to munch on and compliment the drinks perfectly. They have a bunch of cheesy dishes {anyone who is obsessed with cheese will love this place!} – Cheesy Chicken 65, Cheese d bomb, veg cigars and four cheese pizza will fulfil your every cheese fantasy. All the small plates are priced between INR 150 and 200 which is pretty reasonable as far as club prices go. End the night with their dessert platter – four desserts {think Irish cream, chocolate, crème brulee and berries!} is perfect for sharing with the gang. You can also pull shisha or step in to their smoking room.


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