Biryani Is Love! Check Out Kabuliwala's Yum Biryani !

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Biryani for me is sheer like most other Bongs so when an established cloud kitchen brand like Kabuliwala sends over food to my home - I am truly amazed

Let's first start with packaging which I must admit is simply world-class, to say the least - especially the pouch packs for Biryani is so unique & retains it's aroma most effectively plus gives it a premium look as well. They also sent disposable yet eco-friendly cutlery along with the commendable delivery.

I received a RozanaGoshtBiryani (overloads of Mutton Biryani with aloo, egg & two huge chunks of tender mutton - good enough for 3 people - this is the bigger pack - the Biryani was too light for my taste but that can be loved by many), MumtazTangdi (an innovative kabab where a big chicken leg is stuffed with cheese & Mutton Keema - an absolute delight to any tastebud), BhunaMurgMasala (loved the taste & texture - very well done) & last but not the least - LaalMishtiDoi from Nabadwip - sourced from one of the best sweet shops in Nabadwip & I was happy to see that there was no Kabuliwala branding on it - that shows they are transparent enough to give due credit to the actual manufacturer which is truly praiseworthy - trust me guys - that's the best mishti doi I have tasted in my lifetime. I don't think I will ever enjoy mishti doi sold anywhere in Kolkata again.

No wonder, when most food-related brands were struggling to survive during this lockdown - Kabuliwala was one of those rare exceptions as a brand which actually did more business than ever before during the last few months - kudos to them & well deserved indeed.

They have multiple base kitchens across Kolkata so you can order from literally anywhere via Swiggy or Zomato for contactless delivery to your doorstep. Enjoy peeps.

My humble two cents: MUST TRY (if you haven't already).

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