Dhungar Mass To Paraath Paneer: Our Old BB Favourites Are Back Again!

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For all the mouth-watering street and regional food that we can't travel enough to sample, we head over to Bombay Brasserie (BB) to eat. No kidding, it's one of our best places to go on a gastronomic tour around the country, and with BB bringing back our old faves, we are ready to revisit these places once again.

What Makes It Awesome

Lucknow to Jodhpur, Punjab and Delhi, Bombay Brasserie has brought back a host of its signature specials that we had come to know of these places with. The new menu that BB had introduced had surely layer to our gastronomic wandering, but we sorely missed these old favourite specials. But not anymore because just yesterday we went for dinner with the fam and made a meal of Malai Tikka, Jaipur Kofta and lots more. 

Confirmed meaterians that we are, the utterly tender Lucknowi Paraath Paneer totally got us second guessing our love for meat with its sweet and herby flavours of almond and pudina. But thankfully, our faith was restored by the creamy delectable Malai Tikka and it's smoky aftertaste. 

The famous Pyaz ka Kulcha is back and it makes a heavenly pair when you scarf it down with the spicy and rich Dhungar Maas. A Rajasthani dish of laal maas, this dish is not for the weak-hearted who will cower to the punch of spice that the curry packs. 

What Could Be Better

Only four of the old fave appetizers are actually brought back, but there's plenty big plates to sink your teeth in. 


BB's Hi-Chai time (between 4pm to 7pm) doesn't serve this spread. So, come with the pack either for lunch or during dinner time. 

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