Breathe Easy With The Sustainable & Eco Friendly Saans Masks!

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Regular surgical and cloth masks end up in oceans and landfills and the amount of issues this might cause in long term is unimaginable. To combat that, Team Saans came up with a greener solution, which uses reusable masks with changeable eco-filters, which contain seeds.

The Saans: Live and let live is one such initiative where it can be used as a face mask by protecting users from viruses,also it changes its form and after using the mask for 4-6 weeks (every day), the user can keep it on bare soil and water it, which will create a plant, thus, helping humans as well as nature.A small step complimenting the laws of nature.

The Life of any product isn't just limited to the cycle of "Create, Use and Throw". The "Need" is the "Seed" of any creation and there is always an afterlife extending this cycle.



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