From Tants To Silk Cottons: This Gariahat Store Offers A Variety Of Saris {Plus It's Pocket-Friendly!}

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What Makes It Awesome

RMCA Basak is quite a gem in the famous sari market of Gariahat. While you may find numerous sari stores in this area, this one's clearly the winner when it comes to the variety and their price range. Besides having a huge range of Tant, Tangail, Jamdhani saris they also keep a decent collection of silk saris at unbeatable prices. The Tant saris start at prices as low as INR 400 and silk cotton variants start at INR 1200.

Also, they have an immense variety of Bengali saris offering a huge range of colours and patterns in each type.

What Could Be Better?

They need to have more space to accommodate the rush that they get.

What's My Pro Tip?

Start by asking for a basic price range in your mind or the type of sari that you would like to buy. Like a typical sari store, everything is neatly stacked on shelves and the salesperson will need to pull it out for you to see.

Also, there's a tea vendor who sits at the gate and serves an amazing masala lemon tea that is quite unique. You have to try it to believe!

Anything Else?

The store is well marked on Google and the parking outside is easy to find. Do keep some time on your hand as you really need patience for this place. But the effort will be worthwhile as the prices are rock bottom.

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