Bespoke, Minimalist Jewellery Is What You Should Hit Up This Kolkata-Based Brand For

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What Makes It Awesome

Kolkata brand PRIX.TI by Prachi Banka is catering to women's desire for the most pristine looking jewellery. Its bespoke accessories are nothing short of beauty.

PRIX.TI has a website and after exploring it, I thought if I have to gift something to my partner, this is the brand. All their products are handcrafted, and I was especially impressed by the three major collections of PRIX.TI, namely, Virage, Lucida and Le Jour. The Virage collection is filled with accessories made using curved gems and raw, unshaped stones. A few products are extremely unique such as a back to back malachite long earring, which, on first glance, looks like first brackets being stuck one after another in an alternate pattern. A moonstone and labradorite wave cuff with nickel and lead-free rose gold plating, is one of the most exquisite wrist pieces you can find.

The Le Jour collection is dominated by minimalist pieces. PRIX.TI's use of semi precious stones in its pieces is remarkably well done. A certain pair of moonstone oval hoops is just perfect for a cocktail night or a date night. A two-chain layered necklace is another example of this minimalist collection, which is made for occasions like a house party (doesn't matter if you're the host or the guest!).


PRIX.TI is generous enough to let you customise gifts. So one can customise by choosing their favourite designs from PRIX.TI's collection and place an order in their choice of stone colours/plating/sizes.