This City-Based Brand's Unique Jewellery Designs Are A Celebration Of Womanhood

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever thought a piece of jewellery could reflect your mind? Perthro, a city-based jewellery brand, has come up with a range of earrings celebrating womanhood. The collection is limited to just four to five designs at the moment but, trust us, you're going to love it. 

We found this piece called The Last Breathe inspired by a tattoo that speaks of a mother's love for her lost child. Take a close look and you'll see a baby attached to the mother's womb. There's another called The Vulva that, like the name suggests, is in the shape of the vulva. It aims to break the taboo surrounding female genitalia. Starting something new? Opt for this pair called The Spring that celebrates new beginnings - breaking out of a toxic marriage, changing cities or finally quitting that boring job and following your passion, just about anything.

All of it is handmade by a local artisan in Kolkata. The pieces are mainly made of copper and cost no more than INR 1,000. They currently sell only through Facebook and Instagram and deliver all over India and Italy (because Ritumainty Mondol, the owner, lives in Italy). Best part? The earrings are packaged in puchka bowls made out of leaves! Cool, right? They're placed between two puchka bowls and then packed inside a sustainable pouch.


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