Get A Robust Immunity With This Andaman Brand's Natural Drink

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What Makes It Awesome

Right from the pristine islands of Andaman and Nicobar comes Fine Fettle, an online beverage brand which will help us get a more robust immunity.

Fine Fettle is India’s only vertically integrated company spanning across 100 acres of owned noni plantation and a large processing facility. Its Noni Elixir or pure noni juice is one drink which might be most relevant now, than any other time. Trivia 101: Noni was first used on the Indian subcontinent by ancient medical practitioners looking for medicine from native plants to treat diseases and improve overall health. Traditionally, it has proven to be useful in treating various symptoms, such as joint pain, infection, injuries, colds, digestive disorders, inflammation and immunity issues.

If somebody in your family has existing medical conditions, the noni juice can be the ideal drink for them since it helps in cases of high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and high cholesterol. A Noni Elixir bottle of 575ml is priced at INR 899.