Nuts About Peanuts? Try This Brand’s Flavourful Variety

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What Makes It Awesome

I am here to tell you that there is no tastier and healthier snack than the humble peanuts when the munchies kick in. Alright, that may sound like an exaggeration but allow me to explain. Peanuts are packed with proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals in abundance. So much of goodness, packed in this nut. Eat a handful five times a week and you can reduce the risk of chronic disorders (blood pressure, diabetes etc) by almost half! Peanuts have also been found to contain the potent antiaging molecule (usually present in red wine or grapes). Now, coming to the ‘tastier’ bit, I have one word to give you - Shrego.

Shrego, a brand based in Ahmedabad, sources the finest quality of peanuts directly from the farmers, and makes it available to you in flavourful avatars. Result? Fresh, exquisite and wholesome roasted peanuts, that are perfect for some in-between munching during the day. Whether you are lounging on the sofa or chasing deadlines, try their exciting flavours like nimbu mirchi pudina, chilli garlic, hing jeera, mirch masala, black pepper and classic salted. Apart from the nutrients, peanuts also pack in quite a bit of nostalgia. It’s that childhood snack you forgot you loved. Back when the peanut butter was way better than the cheese or Nutella spread. Well, all you need to do to bring back those memories is grab a bowl of Shrego peanuts and don’t forget to share!

What Could Be Better

I would love it if they start making peanut butter too!


Shrego also has lightly roasted unsalted split peanuts to make your weekend cooking shenanigans that much more convenient and fun. 


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