Stock Up Your Kitchen Cupboard With Snacks From This Bangalore Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Do you like to hoard on snacks and keep your kitchen cupboards stacked all the time? Then, check out Bangalore-based sweets and savouries brand Sri Bharani Mixtures (SBM).

Not just regular ones, you can also buy namkeens & sweets, which are more common in the southern states such as banana and jackfruit crisps, as well as traditional south Indian sweets like Mysore Pak. Be it your evening tea time or late night cravings, keep the Kerala mixture, Madras mixture or Bombay mixture close to you. The Bombay mixture is a spicy savoury which has sev coupled with Bengal gram and a variety of lentils.

If you want to lean a little bit toward the healthy side, go for the packs of salted or masala peanuts, puffed rice mixture, cornflakes mixture or ragi mixture made from finger millet flour combined with fried peanuts.

Get a taste of south India with the Koudebele rings - a mini doughnut shaped snack originating in Mysore and made from deep fried maida batter and rice flour, flavoured with chiili powder, cumin seeds and carom seeds. Try another specialty of Karnataka called kara boondhi, another version of the popular and favourite rice-based dishes lilke bisi bele bath and sambar bath.


You can also order other sweets such as laddoos, jangri (also popularly known as imarti or amriti), kaju sweets and home made chocolates.