Candy Floss Tacos! This Fusion Dessert Is The Newest Buzz In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

Candyfloss Tacos (yes, you read that right!) is the new buzz in town. Riding high on sugar rush and childhood memories, Buzz Candy certainly knows how to fuse and create something you wouldn't even imagine in your wildest dreams.

Taking you down memory lane, this brand creates burritos wrapped in freshly spun candy floss (remember burir chul?), with toppings of your choice and tacos in crunchy wafer shells. Buzz Candy can also be your perfect addition to parties for kids or adults.

In case you want to go back to your childhood and share one with your son or daughter, you can take Buzz Candy, a 12-inch pillowy floss with toppings of your choice. This it where it gets wild. This unicorn-esque dessert has ice-cream oozing out of the centre and you can choose from six mind-boggling flavours. You can customise your burrito with Cara-Melt Your Heart (salted caramel), Sweet Berry O'Mine (strawberries), Ultimate Pinea-Colada (pineapple flavoured cotton candy), Dirty Chocolate, The Dreamsicle (combo of orange and vanilla) and Waking Up Irish (coffee).

Each flavour has a different set of toppings, such as Dreamsicle has diced vanilla sponge cake, orange peels, butterscotch and gems, and in Care-Melt Your Heart you'll get vanilla ice-cream, caramel crunch and gems. For the tacos, the toppings are stuffed in a crunchy wafer shell. That's major, major sugar rush!


For now, Buzz Candy is only offering their service for private parties and events. They are going to open a stall real soon.