Hungarian Sausages To Honey-Glazed Ham: Calcutta Deli Has The Best Cold Cuts In The City

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The iconic Kalman’s Cold Storage, which was started by a Hungarian in the 1930s, shut shop earlier this year breaking a million hearts. But what if we told you that a similar store set up to recreate the ethos of Kalman has opened doors in the City of Joy? Yes. A few members from the popular foodie group, Calcutta Porkaddicts, and the folks behind popular restaurant Calcutta Stories have come together to open Calcutta Deli which will keep the essence of Kalman alive. 

What Makes It Awesome

They sell a range of meat products including chicken, turkey, pork, duck, suckling pig and ham, among others. Hungarian sausages, a product that Kalman was famous for, is also available here. Do not like the usual processed sausages you get in supermarkets? You can ask these guys to customise sausages in Portuguese and Goan style. They have made customised Portuguese sausages for Ekdalia Rd, a popular restaurant in the city.

Sandwich addicts, you can rejoice. Layer up your sandwiches with two types of salami and pepperoni, and two varieties of ham – honey-glazed and lea. And a couple of varieties of meat loaf – one laced with pistachio and s plain one. They are also planning to introduce artisanal hams with different flavours. Watch out for the artisanal sausages with ghost peppers.

Those who are fond of lamb can choose from leg of lamb marinated in beer and honey and special spices put together by the in-house chef. Or a stronger-spiced collar of lamb.

They also deliver products within the city. Prices range from INR 400 – INR 1,000 per kg depending on the product. You will have to order a minimum of a kilo if you want to customise something. 

And we have to tell you about Chef Francis, the man behind the products here. He has worked as a chef in the Gulf before, and is the man behind the not-so-ordinary cold cuts.He does the  processing, curing and cutting of the meat. Francis likes playing with his masalas and cold cuts and is an expert at meat curing, He even makes his own pickling water in which the meat is processed and smokes some of the products in mango wood to give a nice flavour.

They also sell prawn, pork and fish balichao, and special spice powders like vindaloo. And ready to eat products such as pork aloo chop, Anglo Indian parathas, 


Love cold cuts but are travelling to another city? Don’t worry. They will vaccum-pack your order and you can store it up to a month's time/


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