Can Speak But Can’t Write In Bengali? This App Will Translate Your Voice Into Text

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Typing a letter in Bengali has never been easier – there’s now a site where you can do it for free.

What Is It?

Don’t know the difference between the three kinds of ‘sh’s? Always struggle to nail the delicate curve of the letters? Technology to the rescue! Now you can convert your voice into text. Developed by Agniswar Chakraborty, a computer engineer from Jadavpur University, this tech is available only for desktops now, but it is completely free of cost!

How Do I Use It?

It couldn’t be simpler. Head on over to Agniswar’s site, {here is the link}. Activate the microphone and start dictating. As you speak, the text will appear in the box. There’s also a panel on the right where you can insert punctuation. The technology also has an easy-to-copy system so you can transfer it to other documents easily. The panel on top will give you options to save, copy and print.