This Salt Lake Gastropub Will Take You On A Trip Down Memory Lane!

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What Makes It Awesome

Say hello to the newest kid on the block - Canteen Pub and Grub!

Located in City Centre Mall in Salt Lake, this two-level gastropub will take you back to your college life when the canteen was the most important place in town for those 'adda' sessions with the gang. The first thing that made me go 'whoa!' was the bar - it's a beautifully done up long bar counter with a very earthy, green and rustic feel to it. In fact, the whole space exudes a similar vibe - artwork, green/floral graffiti, rock walls, bamboo chairs and chandeliers, and lots of plants. There's a smoking zone and a dance floor on the first level.

The menu, needless to say, is inspired by popular dishes found across college canteens as well as a bit of fusion food available at pocket-friendly rates (like you would expect at a college canteen). From the regular sandwiches, pakoras and noodles to sushi and meals, hog on all of it right here. The Pan Grilled Cottage Cheese with Kansa Rice (paneer topped with a creamy paprika sauce served alongside Arabic-style kabsa rice) and Grilled Chicken in Oyster Mushroom Sauce served with sauteed veggies and mashed potatoes are a couple of our favourite dishes

They've also got an amazing selection of mocktails and cocktails that you should try - Imli Chatka, Aam Janta Cocktail, Haldi lagao Re and Gham Ka Saathi Rum are personal favourites. Don't drink? Try the Public Lemonade that's got strawberry, orange and lemon topped with soda and triple sec syrup. Also, you cannot leave without trying the Apple Malpua with Shahi Rabdi - it's basically malpua stuffed with apples and topped with rabdi. It's not overly sweet making for the perfect end to your meal.

What Could Be Better

The smell of smoke and hookah is quite strong, so if you don't indulge in either, this place is not for you. Also, the music was a little too loud for us.


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