Visit This Silver Jewellery Store Which Is Often Frequented By Celebrities

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Casket Jewellery in Hindustan Park is a hidden hut of silver wear which can escape your eyes if you aren't paying attention.

What Makes It Awesome

Located on the same lane as Hindustan Park's Fabindia, this store is easy to miss because of its camouflaged outer appearance. Casket is not a large store so to speak but the owner told us it has been visited by celebrities such as Sandeep Ray and Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Talk about an elite clientele!

Get your hands on all kinds of jewellery you can possible find for women from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and rings - all of it made of sterling silver with a purity of more than 90%. Their stud earrings start from INR 350 and rings start from INR 800. We saw a gorgeous necklace set embedded with ruby priced at INR 30,000. If you want to get hold of that, pray that you are in the mood to splurge!

ALl you men out there, don't worry! Casket has something for you too. Get your hands on silver pens, cufflinks, bracelets and kurta buttons from their collection. The silver pen, priced at INR 1,800, is made of sterling silver with a 93% purity. We are sure you will like this silvery ride!


The owner is a little laid back in terms of showing his products. You might have to go in with a lot energy to wake him up!