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Celebrate Pride Month With Kick Ass Art From Your Local Artists

Subhannita posted on 15 June

It’s Pride Month and we’re here to help you flaunt it in style. From tees, totes, felt patches and prints, here are some of our favorite artists and their explosive work. Spread the love. #loveislove


We all have a favorite tee – blame it on the goofy drawing, hard hitting quote or the number of holes in it – and it seldom finds its way to the wash machine. And then there’s Reya’s illustration available on a tee (INR 400) and we hope late night munchies don’t stain it because we’re not taking it off. Ever. In case some evil soul forces you to acknowledge hygiene, order in the tote (INR 500) for backup. Orders will be shipped within 15 days.

Check it out here.


Handmade felt patches anyone? We’ve picked out some special spots on our jean jackets and pants to attach these uber cute and versatile queer patches made by Harjyot! Priced at INR 200 (including shipping), get some extras for your friends and fam. Use a ribbon to make it into a bookmark or attach it to a keychain! You can DM her on Instagram to place the order. Scroll down her feed to check out her other illustrations in bubblegum pink, indigo and gold.

Check it out here.




    Gaysi family is your desi-queer fam, a community that provides a voice and safe space for LGBTQ stories. Their feed is a gathering of some of the best queer art (and that’s only a tiny part of what they do), produced by a number of independent artists. We’re floored by this informative map of India’s relationship with Article 377 (artwork by @jahnaviamarnanii). Just drop them an e-mail regarding the artwork and they’ll be more than happy to share the file! You can go ahead and print it on your own. You can also inquire about their zines.

    Check it out here.


    Priyanka doesn’t need an introduction. Let’s jump straight to our list of favorite tees and add her Stigma t-shirt to it. Created to spread awareness against the Protection of Trans Persons Bill, 2016, it’s priced at INR 550. It’s available in black to delay washing! *dances* You can place your order on her website. Also, check out her Instagram story highlight for a peak at her Pride Month zine. We heard there might be a cool sticker pack in the making!

    Check out here.



      So, We’re Saying…

      Why dedicate a single month to celebrating Pride? Celebrate Pride every day and support your local artists at the same time! Feel free to leave your favorite artist’s name in the comment section and we’ll update our list.