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Celebrate St Patrick's Day With Games & Traditional Irish Food At The Irish House

Raisa posted on 12 March


Play games with the bartenders, chow down on traditional Irish dishes and celebrate St Patrick’s Day in true Irish spirit at The Irish House


All Things Irish

The Irish House is celebrating St Patricks Day and you need to take the squad along for a night of really good {carb laden!} food, getting competitive over games and more. The special festival menu has a bunch of very traditionally Irish items on it. We’re tucking into the Shepherd’s Pie {a lamb mince-based pie baked with a layer of creamy potatoes and served with Irish soda bread}, Colcannon {an Irish take on mash potatoes, it comes topped with crunchy bits of bacon}, and the Paddy’s Nachos {crispy homemade tortilla chips which are actually green in colour in keeping with the whole theme of the festival!}. Boxy, Coddle and Irish stew are some of the other specialities on the menu. Everything is laden with carbs, butter and crispy bacon and it’s exactly the kind of calorie-laden food that goes so well with a chilled beer.

End the night on a sweet note with the Irish sundae. One of our fav things up for grabs, this coffee chocolate-y brownie comes topped with vanilla ice creams, candied crunchy nuts and marshmallows. There’s even an espresso shot served on the side that you can pour over to add that extra caffeine kick.

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrates the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick died on March 17, 461. Celebrated mostly in the UK and USA, people wear green shirts, leprechaun costumes,  green ribbons and shamrocks — so go green!

Game On

As part of the festival, the servers and bartenders are all ready to play some seriously competitive games with you. Super fun {especially after you are a few drinks down}, the games are actually really logical. Wager your INR 10 {and if you’re brave, then your INR 100} notes to up the stakes. Just ask them to come over if you want to play and you’re guaranteed half an hour of entertainment.


Anything Else?

You can take pictures of all the green décor they have got going on — the streamers hanging from the ceiling give it such a festive feeling. They also have karaoke nights, live performances and tons of deals and steals {so much cheap booze!} that you can get through the week so make sure you ask them about any offers available.

When: Till March 18

Time: All day.

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