Get The Taste Of China In The City Now With Tung Nam

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What Makes It Awesome

In the bustling city like ours, there is a Chinese couple that manages the cash register, service, phone orders and, most importantly, the kitchen of a Chinese eatery.

Tung Nam Eating House is an eatery that serves delicious Chinese food. Get your gastric juices fired up with its simple and yummy steamed pork wontons with a lot of greens. Just add a dollop of chilli sauce and enjoy before it gets cold. I also tried their Mixed Meifoon and Hakka Chow with sliced chilli pork as the side dish. Everything we ordered summed up to be a hearty meal for four. All of it cost us less than INR 700, which was pretty reasonable.

What Could Be Better?

The place should have an air-conditioner in the dining space.

What's My Pro Tip?

The place is shut on Tuesdays. Also, it is better to take a cab to this place as the parking rates during the day are high.