Spare Some Time And Let Your Creative Side Take Over By Joining These Hobby Classes

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What's the best way to utilise your vacations apart from going on a vacation? Hobby classes! Kolkata has a lot of options to nurture the artiste in you. Head straight to these hobby classes which are likely to be more fun than the TikTok videos!

Nandanik Art & Craft Centre

Nandanik Art Centre in Santoshpur is an institute for art and craft for an age group of 3 to 20 years. Get creative education in art & design and get goin' with drawing those cool designs that you had been admiring for a long time. Book your Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings to improve your drawing and crafting skills.

Birla Academy of Art & Culture

Birla Academy emphasises particularly on visual and performing arts. The centre deals in collecting, preserving and displaying artefacts, hosting exhibitions of Indian and international artwork, organising cultural performances and offering educational programmes. The centre also conducts lectures, seminars, workshops, film screenings and art appreciation classes. Time for some brainstorming!

Pottery By Manjari Kanoi

Manjari Kanoi’s pottery studio in Kolkata will teach you how to use a lump of moist clay on the potter’s wheel to give shape to your thoughts and creativity. Her pottery workshop is a kind of therapy that will help forget your stressful life and teach you to be close to nature’s elements of air, water, fire and earth. At Manjari’s studio on Rowland Road, you'll find a creative ambience for learning and making pottery. She will make sure every lesson is personally guided by her and her team of skilled potters.

Wild Strawberry

Thanks to Wild Strawberry, learning life skills are not boring lectures that you get to hear often or read about on how you should be putting your life back together. Priyanka Chatterjee, the brain and heart behind the initiative, focuses on it through storytelling, theatre and different art forms like clowning, heritage trails, visual arts and film. And that is some hobby that is worth investing our time in!

Peddro's Salsateca

Were you planning to learn salsa for a long time but couldn't find a good place? London-trained and a qualified teacher, Peddro S. Kundu has opened his own dance studio in Kolkata. Founded and directed by ISTD, Peddro's Salsateca offers several dance forms like Club Dance Salsa, Paso Doble, Ramba, Jive, Samba and Cha Cha Cha. He offers all five styles in salsa - Cuban, New York – Palladium and Los Angeles (LA), Puerto Rican, and Colombian.