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What Makes It Awesome

Bookish knowledge is not just the only skill you need nowadays for a job or to just maybe grow in life. Practical skills and knowledge matter too, right? That's where CoLLearn comes in.

CoLLearn offers courses that focus on imparting practical knowledge with out of the box learning courses so you can build your skills and be ready for the real world. They have courses for all age groups and the classes are conducted by experts in the respective fields.

They provide courses in Science and Technology, Finance and Marketing. as well as on subjects like Blockchain, Finance, Python, C++, Java, SQL, Data Sciences, AI, ML Algorithms and Data Structures, Solving competitive Coding problems, Data Analytics, Hadoop, RPA, NLP, Excel, Vedic Mathematics, Macroeconomics, Currency trading, Storytelling, Composting, Sustainability, Grow your own veggies and herbs, Yogaerobics, DJ skills, LinkedIn Job optimisation and many more. They collaborate with industry experts to create highly curated practical courses. 

They believe that the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why they've designed our courses to be very interactive and practice oriented. Anyone can clear their doubts within the hours of class itself. 


CoLLearn has had some eminent personalities like Rajeev Poddar, DJ Vivian and Vani Murthy to name a few, conduct classes as well. 


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