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Need Ideas To Decorate Your Home Or New Plants For Your Garden? Hit Up This Nursery For Green Options

    What Makes It Awesome

    We all can admit that the rising pollution levels across the city and world are a major cause for concern. It's making life difficult for all of us. But there are people doing their own bit to save the planet and Santosh Mohta happens to be one of them.

    A Chartered Accountant by profession, Santosh loves plants and gardening and has also trained with the Agri-Horticultural Society of India. It's this passion and love for the Earth that made him start Concern for Earth to encourage city folks to grow plants in their homes or offices or wherever they can. He wants people to gift and exchange plants instead of flowers or other regular stuff because they fill you with positivity. 

    Concern for Earth keeps a variety of plants. From aloe vera and anthuriums to cactus and coelus, the nursery has it all including ixora and snake plants. Not just plants, Santosh also stocks handicrafts made by artisans and craftsmen from rural India. He wants to promote the traditional art forms of the rural communities by incorporating them in the eco-friendly pots that his nursery stocks. You'll find wooden pots from Varanasi, bamboo ones from the Northeast, terracotta and jute pots from Bengal and ceramic and brass ones from Uttar Pradesh among others. 

    We suggest you ditch those boring gifts and get a personalised seed jar for your friend on his/her birthday. They come in re-usable glass jars and can be customised as per your needs. It costs just INR 100 per jar. Charges vary if you wish to order in bulk.

    Besides these, Concern for Earth also deals with kitchen waste management, terrace and balcony gardens as well as decorating offices, homes and rooms using plants. Santosh also works with organisations in different areas to help in creating a greener atmosphere.