Want A Break From Home Food During The Lockdown? This Cafe Will Help You Out

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What Makes It Awesome

Snacking in Lake Gardens is that unnoticed gem which has become quite popular with the youth but not many people know about it in the middle of this overwhelming rush of cafe culture in the city.

Want a little break from the homemade food and call it a cheat day? Snacking is here to help. The health freaks can try their crab salad, quinoa salad or three beans sprout salad (the first two also available in non-veg options). Get your proteins right with their all-day breakfast platter.

If you are not thinking of your calorie intakes, then order in their neopolitan pizza or mama meta pizza which come in 10'' (eight slices) variants. Move into the mains with the cottage cheese medallion which is served on a bed of Cous Cous. People who are into meat can opt for butter roasted chicken with the choice of rosemary or mushroom sauce, chicken pie or fajita. Snacking knows how to make their fish, since this is a city of fish loving people. Try the grilled beckti in cilantro or harissa sauce for an out-of-the-world culinary experience.

Add a pancake or a waffle (the classic maple syrup and cinnamon sugar never gets old) to your meal for a wholesome package.