Nutella, Marshmallow Crunch, Mint And More: Now Get Cookie Dough Delivered To Your Doorstep

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What Makes It Awesome

Always wanted to try the cookie dough thing Americans are crazy about? Now you can! Super creative home business, Scoopski, is the first to bring cookie dough to Kolkata. It is churning out mounds of cookie dough for our delight. It’s 100% edible and 100% treat-worthy! There’s no raw flour used so you can eat away without worrying about stuff like salmonella. The cookie dough comes in a bunch of flavours.

We love the signature Nutella cookie dough (made with actual Nutella). Besides the classic choco chip, you’ll get really interesting flavours like marshmallow crunch, unicorn and rainbow, and mint (think After Eights!). You can eat the cookie dough as is, bake it, dunk it in a glass of cold milk — it works every way. The flavours tend to be a little sweet. It tastes perfect when heated for a couple of seconds in the microwave.

Scoopski was born when the owners headed to New York and waited over two hours in line to try the famed cookie dough there. Full of inspiration, they came home and tried and tested recipes to perfect the dough.

Pro Tip

You can arrange a pick up (they operate out of Ballygunge) or ask them to home deliver for an additional fee. You can also catch them at The 8th Day cafe (once we're in better times, obviously!). Check out their Facebook page or website for deets and to place orders.

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