Get Everything For Your Next DIY Project From This Hatibagan Store

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Final call for all creative minds in Kolkata, Samrat Stores is a hub of everything that you'll need for your masterpiece. From pin to paper, get your all of your handicraft essentials under one hood.

What Makes It Awesome

Innovation on your mind, yet don't know where to look for right supplies? We came across this store Samrat which has been offering a range of art materials to locals since 1965. Placed at the heart of north Kolkata, this store in Hatibagan area is opposite to the Town School. It is two-storeys full of for cosmetics, grooming, household accessories and, of course, art supplies of all needs. 

We loved the old wooden staircase which goes up to the first floor where the shelves are stacked with laces, ribbons, wax, buttons, colorful threads and everything creative. People with a love for knitting can find yarn needles, crochet hook, stitch markers and contrasting quality wool. 

From a variety of detailed stickers to colourful crystals, diverse fabric material (from velvet to suede), their stock is seemingly endless. If you're someone interested in re-vamping your old dress, look no further as they have ready-to-stitch designs patches for apparel. You can get your hands on anything, from single to bulk quantity at a bargain price. And just in case something is not available, they will get it for you. 

What Could Be Better

There's nothing we want to change here.


The shop shuts down sharp at 8pm, so even if you land up a minute after, you won't be allowed to enter.


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