Craving Ghar Ka Khaana? This New Outlet Will Home Deliver Piping Hot, Homemade Food To You

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Bhookh Pitara is the new kid on the home-delivery block, and they’re serving up garma-garam Naani ke paranthe.

Carb Overload

Had a long day at work and not in the mood to cook? Kaajer maashi decided to take the day off and stuck with a fridge that is empty except for expired dahi? Stuck in your college hostel or PG and miss home? Bhookh Pitara will come to the rescue. With their super-fast {like Flash-level lightning speed} delivery and easy-on-the-pocket prices, get stuffed, Punjabi-style parathas at your doorstep.

They even have Ghar ki Yaad combo for the ravenous souls which is a thali laden with roti, rice, daal, paneer, bhindi, raita, salad and even a sweet – just like eating a meal around the table at home. Rajma-chawal, daal-chaawal, kadhi-chaawal, all our classic home-y faves make their way on to the menu too. Everything tends to be on the healthy side, with minimal oil and masalas, which means that eating out doesn’t always mean eating unhealthy.

Foodgasm For Just INR 89

Did we mention that the food is not just melt-in-your mouth delicious but also super reasonable as well? The aloo paratha comes for just INR 89 and it’s really thick, stuffed with filling and extremely satisfying – total value for money. The thalis start at INR 129 whereas the Maggi {yup – homestyle, simple, classic Maggi is also available!} for just INR 79.


They’re only open till 8pm so make sure you place your dinner order before that!


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