Check Out These Places For Decorative Lights For Your Home

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We all want to decorate our humble abodes with pretty lights, and that's pretty much a common ask. We did some research and found these places for you to shop decorative lights in town.

Ezra Street

Beautifying your homes won’t be a tedious task anymore. You know why? Because you will find stores like Rishika Electricals, Light Emporium and more on Parsee Church Street and Ezra Street area where you can get fairy lights under INR 50. A few of the shops look pretty small from the outside, but as you enter, they open up to a completely different space. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by a plethora of fairy lights starting from INR 30.

Park Street

Park Street area is also filled with shops like Superlite and S Light to name a few, where you can shop for lights for your home. Make your house look like a wonderland with pretty snowflake string lights. Get a party at home or festival coming up or a get-together? Use these to decorate your home - they are sure to steal the show.


One place which not many people know about, when it comes to decorative lights, is Bow Bazar. Covering stretches of Rabindra Sarani, BB Ganguly Street and Nirmal Chander Street, the place is filled with stores (Ivory, Smart Light, Lumen Art and Light Zone to name a few) wherein you can get fairy lights all under INR 40. The best part is, you'll get a lot of options to choose from. If you don’t like the offerings at one particular store, go ahead and check out the next one. 

Chandni Chowk

That whole stretch after Sabir Hotel is full of light shops selling all kinds that you can find - from the simple ones to the most 'jhataak' options. The Chandni Chowk market is full of shops selling decorative lights at real cheap rates. Prices range from INR 80 for a box and go up to INR 3,000 depending on how fancy you want them to be. You can also check out shops like Bharat Light Stores, Maa Lightings, Light House and Jhumar.

Bara Bazaar Market

The area is lined with street stalls selling all kinds of lights you need to decorate your home for the festival. Walk down the stretch next to Satyanarayan AC Market and you'll find vendors selling lights at quite cheap rates. Also, check out shops like Simna Lights and Phillips Light Lounge.