Pizza-O-Mania: Head To These Eateries Serving Best Chicago-Style Pizza

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Hot out of the oven and served with dollops of cheese, meat, sauce, and toppings. Yes, we're describing a perfect slice of heaven, in short deep-dish pizzas. As the name suggests, a deep-dish pizza is baked in a round and relatively deep pan, which means that there's more surface area available to fill with toppings making it insanely cheesy. Check our list of places in the city that serve a yummy range of these Chicago-style pizzas.

Eagle Bites Pizza

Eagle Bites Pizza has managed to create quite a stir with their topping-laden pizzas. They offer both thin crust and deep dish bases in almost all possible flavours. Choose your pick from BBQ Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken and Chicken Tandoori while, for vegans, there's Peri Peri Paneer and Veg Mexicana. For sweet endings with a twist, try their triple chocolate sweetza—a deep-dish pizza slathered with molten chocolate and topped with white and milk chocolate chips.

Uno Chicago Bar & Grill

It is said that Uno Pizzeria & Grill was the first one to create the Chicago-style deep dish pizza way back in 1943. Located in Kankurgachi, this one is probably the only place in town serving UNO's signature Chicago-style deep dish pizzas. Topped with homemade sauce and heavy doses of cheese, this is where you can opt for their specialties like UNO Cheese and Tomato, The Blazing Hot, BBQ Roasted Mushroom, Numero Uno, Prima Pepperoni and Chicago Meat Market.

Fabbrica Della Pizza

This place is our favourite without a doubt. Fabbrica is one place we reserve for celebrations and date nights. We can never get enough of it. Serving authentic Napolean-style cuisines, their deep-dish pizzas are pure delish. The interiors make you feel like you’re in a small Italian village pizzeria. They serve sauces on the side to dunk your crust into. Their show-stopper, however, is the Pizza Al Nutella—freshly baked pizza slathered with a generous amount of chocolate on top (heavenly we say!).

Fire & Ice Pizzeria

This super vibrant, modern, and iconic dining room features a mouthwatering menu of classic Italian pizzas, pastas & antipasti out of which their deep-dish pizzas are our favourite. Founded by an Italian chef from Naples, this authentic pizzeria serves some of the yummiest deep dish pizzas. Located in Park Street, Fire & Ice Pizzeria’s 12-inch funghi, four cheese and pepperoni pizzas will leave you craving for more.

Chicago Pizza

With multiple locations across the city, Chicago Pizza is one of the best places to go to for deep-dish pizzas. Their recipes are all homemade with fresh ingredients and toppings sourced from the best vendors across the country. Their pizza kits are to-die-for. The Chicken Ham and Tandoori Tikka pizzas are a must-try. Vegetarians must order the Paneer Delight and Veg Overloaded pizzas. They’ve also got pizza packs in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.


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