This Shoe Store Has Shoes To Support All Kinds Of Different Feet Shapes

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What Makes It Awesome

Those of you suffering from diabetes must know that this disease affects your feet the most. You begin to have trouble walking and then your feet begin to hurt even if you've walked a short distance. Did you know a major reason behind this is wrong footwear? So, if you've been taking your feet (and this disease) lightly, we suggest you stop and immediately head to D-Fut in Salt Lake for the right fit.

The store will guide you on what footwear works best for you and also customise it according to your requirements. They take into account doctor specifications as well to provide you with the best and most comfortable shoes. All their shoes have 8-10 mm cushions in them to give you that extra comfort while walking while the customised ones have 10 mm MCR (rubber) and MCP (polyurethane) insoles as they are anti-fungal and made using natural products that help in reducing the pain in your feet. Whether you need an arch support for you flat foot or you've got a swollen or neuropathic foot, D-Fut offers options or all such problems. They use cotton, synthetic, rubber and leather to make the shoes that range from INR 695 to INR 2,495. Customisations start from INR 995. 

D-Fut also keeps diabetic socks made of pure breathable cotton. It's loosely knitted from the top to avoid any redness or swelling and has a padded bottom for extra comfort. Best part? These are anti-fungal and keep terrible odour at bay. Prices start at INR 199.

What Could Be Better

The website needs work. Contact details need to be updated as well. 


Their readymade footwear range can be worn even if you aren't a diabetic.

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