Oreo, Nutella & Blueberry: This Dhaba Has 110 Different Kinds Of Paan

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From crunchy caramel to frozen kiwi, get some unique varieties at Shree Paan Dhaaba starting at just INR 20 and they’re open till 3 am!


Shree Paan Dhaba is home to more than 110 varieties of paan and you’ll never run out of options. They don’t have all them available at all times – you might get lucky and get your favourite – but the variety they have on display will leave you spoilt for choice.

They have both room-temperature and frozen paans. The newly-launched ice-cream paan is a classic one stuffed with homemade fruit ice-cream and topped with an interesting combination of chocolate sauce, strawberry syrup and a secret syrup. At INR 80, this big paan is the most satisfying end to a meal – sweet and refreshing!

The small chocolate gundis come for just INR 25 whereas the more innovative paans come for INR 50 or more. Pineapple paan, black currant frozen gundis and mango paan are some of the fruity flavours. And the corneto ice-cream paan, choco hazelnut and Nutella are for all the chocolate lovers. They even do an Oreo paan {because Oreo tastes awesome in all shapes and sizes!} and a cappucinno paan for all those hunting for a caffeine fix.

Game of Thrones fans alert! They have a ‘Fire N Ice’ Paan which is a frozen one with all the goodness of a classic paan.

Anything Else?

They’re open till 3 am, so if you want a quick refresher on your way home from a party or are just craving a midnight snack, they’ll be open for you. The paans last upto four hours after being bought without refrigeration and if properly stored in a cool environment they will last up to four days.

You can call the owner at 7890005549 to place party orders if you want to treat your guests at your next big party.


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