Dhakai Handi Takes You Back To The Culinary Magic Of Undivided Bengal!

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I have never visited my roots, but there are many preparations from erstwhile undivided Bengal, which I heard of. Dhakai Handi brings us closer to those cuisines irrespective of from which side post-partition are you.

Fish Kabiraji, probably this dish, has entered in Bengal kitchen from the time of British colonization from the famous English Batter Fry or Fish and Chips. The curious part of the kabiraji is the delicate lace network of eggs on top of it. Inside it is stuffed with a thick fillet of bhetki, juicy, and silvery-white fish flesh.

Mutton Tehari, a flavorful rice delicacy from our neighbouring country Bangladesh, shall not be confused with biryani. The preparation is a symphony of indigenous rice and mutton cooked in a melange of fragrant spices. A generous glug of mustard oil and fiery green chilies makes it stand apart. Although tehari is not as lavish as biryani, Arijit made it a comfort meal that is easy to put together with simple ingredients and satisfying.

If you wonder what side dish goes well with Mutton Tehari, then the answer is Egg Rezala. Boiled eggs curried with yoghurt, cashew, poppy seed paste, and Indian spices to prepare the luscious creamy white gravy. There is mild pungent sweetness in the dish coming from the onions. The sauce is richer than a stew and is flavoured with several spices and tempered with dry red chillies. . I would have preferred the egg a little more deep-fried. Rezala predominantly uses meat, but this egg variant it’s a revelation.

Borhani is a whisked yoghurt blended with fresh ground spices and herbs. The frothy drink is mildly green-tinged due to the use of mint and cilantro. After a heavy meal, wash it down for good digestion. Paan is the after-food mouth freshener and an eternal symbol of Bengali cuisine and hospitality.

Souvik is from The City of Joy, Kolkata and a passionate Bong foodie who cherishes his gastronomical journey. Loves to blog them to spread awareness.