Dine Safe & Fancy At The Wonderful Grand Market Pavillion!

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Given the current scenario, dining at a restaurant is rather worrisome, however, I recently saw that ITC Royal Bengal had thrown open its door and was hosting brunch and dinner at Grand Market Pavilion and although I was sceptical, I decided to drop by. Grand Market Pavilion is drawn inspiration from the iconic New Market and is their most versatile buffet offering– from kebabs and chaats, to continental and northeastern, one is spoilt for choice. Right from the entry, there is a sanitization point. As you walk into the restaurant, you will notice that all the counters now have shield guards and the chefs will be serving you from a secure opening – a fail-safe option that is certainly assuring to guests. I started out with some gyoza style dumplings, some dahi bhallas (from the Chaat section) and honey crispy chicken drumsticks that were excellent. As I reached the table, I was relieved to find that all of the crockery and cutlery come individually packaged, reducing any chances of sharing and there is always hand sanitizer on the table. All common sharable items have been replaced with individually packed condiments, in case you need something, just ask. The best part about the buffet is the safety measures that the hotel has taken to make sure no items are shared by two individuals. After settling down for lunch, I quickly moved on to kebabs – the fish tikka was excellent, smoky and perfectly well done, but what piqued my interest was the Black sesame Pork that was gently simmering in the Northeast section. Help yourself to a few spoons of rice and this side, you literally won’t need anything, I was truly impressed. They have also introduced a new counter that boasts of various kinds of pickles, the perfect addition to go with rice and sides. Just ask the chefs to guide you through the variety. Operating at about 50% capacity, this restaurant really comes packed with every safety guideline there is. The plates and cutleries are constantly changed after every course, so I wasn’t too worried. The best part were the biryanis – they had the Metiabruz (commonly known as the Kolkata style) style and Dum Pukht Gosht biryani on offer and I decided to sample both. As one would’ve expected, they were both excellent but I am partial towards the latter. After wrapping up mains, I then I moved onto desserts where again, you pick off a fresh plate that is sanitized and packed individually and move to the counters. Do not miss their Jewel Box section (special pastries of the day) that is at the very end of the dessert section. I did take a generous portion and happily wadded along. By the end of the meal, I was full and can say attest to the fact that although buffets are a scary deal at this point, you can absolutely come here to dine. Fret not - the reduced seating leaves enough space for distance and while clearing the bill, go digital to avoid any contact whatsoever.


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