Diners Of Park Street Have A New Bengali Neighbour, Drop By Ilish Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kolkata’s melting pot Park Street gets its first Bengali restaurant, sending smiles to city’s gastronomes. Ilish Truly Bong, as the name suggests serving authentic Bengali cuisine with a special focus on fish, primarily hilsa. The decor inside reflects the Bengali culture with dokra and terracotta installations.

The menu is long and detailed and we sampled only few delicacies from the list. Mochar Chop is a fried cake of banana flower overloaded with dry fruits for the crunchiness with gooey mash. Deviled egg means stuffed egg and this is where Hanser Dimer Devil is coming from. The uniqueness of the preparation here is fried duck eggs are first covered with mutton keema and then coated with mashed potato. Topse Fry is freshwater batter fry topse fish, but this is only place I have experienced where they de-bone the fish, makes it more easy to relish this wonderful creation.
Galda Maharaj Cutlet where they deshell king prawn, mince the flesh before coating with bread crumbs and deep frying in clarified butter, mouth watering? Fish Kabiraji is a bhetki fillet dish with the delicate lace network of eggs on top of it. As soon as the bhetki fillet is dropped in the hot oil, an egg is severely beaten and dropped on top of it, covering the cutlet with a lacy framework. Pantha Beguner Madhuchandrima is union of mutton and aubergine. The base of egg plant fillet topped with minced lamb and covered with bread crumbs. Never heard or tasted this dish earlier, was super excited to finish this off in jiffy!
If one comes to Bengali restaurant and do not try Kolkata Bhetki Fry then he his gatronomic feast will stay incomplete. Traditional sweet water bhetki fillet deep fried with bread crumbs coating. Chingri Maachher Chatu Paturi is made of coconut and shrimp paste mixed with spices cooked on banana leaf on a hot skillet. Must try it to believe it. They have also have Katla Tawa Fry shallow fried on a hot plate.
Masala Chingri is a spicy and rich dish cooked in desi style and clarified butter. Goes so perfectly with Basanti Pulao. The pulao here is full of taste yet light, I have fallen in love with this combo. Bhapa Ilish is a steamed dish with pungent mustard paste and green chillis, makes a perfect combo with Sada Bhaat (steamed rice).
Chingrir Malai Curry has king prawns cooked in are cooked in coconut milk gravy with aromatic spices making a thick creamy curry dish. Lastly, for a whole chicken roasted with spices and drenched in clarified butter then Murgir Roast is for you.

Bro tip: Must try Mochar Chop, Topse Fry, Galda Maharaj Cutlet, Pantha Beguner Madhuchandrima, Chingri Maachher Chatu Paturi, Masala Chingri and Basanti Pulao.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

Souvik is from The City of Joy, Kolkata and a passionate Bong foodie who cherishes his gastronomical journey. Loves to blog them to spread awareness.